Alicia realises that Rebecca is Iris, and Iris was her mother. Alicia tells the story that she suddenly remembers: she was born to destroy Jesus, brought up to learn how to do it. And she has been searching for him for centuries. She was taught this by the Knights Templar, the leader of which is Professor Jameson. Jameson was once James, one of Jesus’ disciples. However, the real leader is the pope – every pope has wanted to destroy Jesus in order to take the real power of ruling the world. So they created monsters to do it for them. There have been many failures – Alicia has come closest. Meanwhile, Katie receives a visit from a mysterious woman named Iris. She informs Katie that her boyfriend – the father of the baby – has killed a man, and that she is now alone. However, Iris promises to look after Katie and provide her with a home. She will even buy her a house. There is something about Iris that Katie is drawn to. Despite her misgivings, despite realising that Iris is a vampire, Katie agrees. Iris takes Katie to a private hospital for her first scan, and whilst there she meets a man named Professor Jameson, the head of the Knights Templar. He is the one who is paying for Katie’s move, and anything else that she wants. He tells her that he and the others who are watching the scan will be the baby’s collective father, and nurture it. Iris finds a house for Katie and moves her into it. On moving day, Katie is overcome with emotion and feels weak, so Iris feeds her a little blood. Katie feels wonderful, and although she was angry at first, she realises that the blood was a good thing in the end. The next morning, however, Katie feels unwell. She collapses in the kitchen (Iris is still asleep) and lies there, bleeding. By the time Iris finds her, she has died. In

a panic because of the baby, Iris calls Jameson who tells her to use her own blood to keep the child alive until help comes. Iris falls unconscious and when she awakes she realises that the baby has been transplanted into her. She is terrified, but then becomes more pleased with the idea – she has lost her own children in the past, and this gives her another chance. It also gives her power. The baby that she is carrying is Alicia. Meanwhile, the Pope – Nicholas – is becoming impatient. He knows that the time must come soon for his monster to finish Jesus forever, and he wants it to happen now. Angry at the lack of progress, he decides to take matters into his own hands. He calls for Jameson to find out what the delay is, and, angry, kills him. At least, he attempts to. Jameson is a vampire, and we don’t know whether he lives or dies. Fra’gal finally catches up with the monster that has been chasing him and Alicia for as long as he can remember. The monster is Alicia – a much older version. She returned to stop her younger self from killing Jesus. The monster dies in his arms, and now Fra’gal must take on its mission and save Jesus from Alicia. Rebecca/Iris meets the Pope at the airport. She lets him know who she is, and tells him she knows why he is there. She then feeds him Jesus’ blood without his knowledge to enable him to be able to kill Jesus – otherwise the only two people who are able to are Alicia and Fra’gal/Judas. When Nicholas and Rebecca arrive at Jesus’ house, Jesus isn’t there. Fra’gal and Alicia are, however. Nicholas kills Rebecca, taking all of her blood. Fra’gal takes

Nicholas to Jesus, kisses Jesus’ cheek, and Nicholas kills him. Immediately, the world turns black and begins to crumble. By destroying Jesus, the pope has destroyed all vampires – including himself. Fra’gal drinks from Alicia and is reborn. Together they will rule the world