The Baltic Triangle is an introduction to the high octane universe of Jack Malaney; an unpretentious, yet highly intelligent Scotsman. Jack’s stories span several decades as he progresses from North Atlantic fishermen, working as chief engineer, onboard a Russian trawler, to CEO of several of the world’s biggest companies. The twist in the tale is that as Jack moves from job to job, country to country, he is also working as an undercover British agent.

The Baltic Triangle deals with how Jack is recruited into the secret services and it follows him on his first two missions. He finds himself on a very steep learning curve when he is sent back to his fishing boat to spy on the Russian trawler fleet. His spy masters believe that some of the boats in the fleet are being used to supply the Soviet submarine fleet operating off the coast of the USA and Canada.

During this inaugural mission things do not go according to plan and through no fault of his own Jack finds himself in a terrifying fight for survival against ruthless Soviet agents and the unforgiving North Atlantic. Jack escapes his would-be executioners by stealing a lifeboat. He is pulled from the boat dehydrated and suffering from hypothermia by the US Coastguard. With the mission over he is sent back to the UK.

However, Jacks superiors see something in him, and offer him an assignment that will change his life forever, that is, to infiltrate the IRA, but he is warned, many other agents have lost their lives, and suffered at the hands of the IRA.