Jack Malaney, after spending decades serving in the duty for MI6, settled in nicely at the Italian South.

As the prime illegal immigration hotspot of Europe, thanks to the hundreds of refugees reaching shore on a daily basis, it is the perfect testing ground for Jack’s new superiors, the EU INTCEN. The small supra-national agency is the first testing lab for elevating the intelligence services above the nation state, paving the way for a future of mutual trust and cooperation against the threats coming from outside of Europe. But the concept is still far away from becoming reality, and it’s not an easy task to navigate his own small team, Kieran, the Irish IT specialist, Ryan, who doubles as a Coast Guard spec ops, and Suzi, the diplomacy expert, who is trying to keep the information flow with all the national and international contacts intact, sometimes being more creative in her networking efforts than her office would ever dare to imagine.

Jack’s chilled out Mediterranean assignment quickly turns into a nightmare, as his glamorous dinner on a late summer night turns into the most vicious terror attack Italy has seen in the 21’st century. EU INTCEN has to prove its worth right in the line of fire, literally, as all hell breaks lose on the small Italian cargo port. But how do you cooperate with the local law enforcement efforts when your own little agency is somewhat dubious? How and why would anyone share vital information with a team a of “consultants”? The team has to improvise in the face of grave danger, as their investigation leads to a threat, lurking below the facade of the first wave of the attacks, that is more terrifying than anything Europe has faced since the World Wars.

And somehow, Jack Malaney is right in the middle of the unfolding, deadly game, as old acquaintances and new alliances show up on both sides of this underground conflict. The story meanders through time and space, on several locations in Africa, Syria, and Europe, before it reaches its climax when two immigrant ships run ashore on the same fateful day, and terror itself is hiding between the ranks of the refugees fleeing from war – not knowing that they themselves are bringing their own war to the very shores they hope to become their sanctuary…