Following on from The Baltic Triangle Codename Seaforth. Jack follows the escape plan set out by the IRA, as instructed by his handler. He boards a fishing vessel in the small harbour of Annalong and the boat Intercepts a container ship that is moving up the Irish Sea towards the North Atlantic. Barry Fagan (one of his IRA associates) is already onboard. The two men have a brief conversation about what went wrong. Barry doesn’t believe Jack and a fight breaks out. Barry produces a gun during the scuffle but Jack manages to wrestle it away from him. Barry tries to rush Jack and Jacks shoots him. Barry falls over the side of the ship into the sea. We move to 1990’s, South Africa. Jack has been placed in a new undercover role as the head of a large engineering firm which is heavily backed by British money. We get some sense of the kind of corruption that is rife in South Africa at that time as Jack meets with various shady individuals from the government, including an army General who used to be an ANC hit man.

Jack is told about a delegation of Irish Republicans who are heading to South Africa to learn how to make the transition from terrorists to Statesmen. In the eighties the IRA trained the ANC in terror tactics, and they even participated in operations in the country. It is now time for the favour to be returned, in the form of political science training. Jack is tasked with getting close to this group, not to disrupt their activities, but to protect them from a hard-line element of Republicans who are against the Northern Ireland Peace Process. Jack gets to the heart of the plot but he finds himself in a race against time and credibility, as he tries to convince the leader of the peaceful Republican group (Barry Fagan) that he, his delegation, and the entire Peace Process in Ireland, are in mortal danger.

Jack’s cover as the head of a British engineering company, which specialises in building power plants, provides him with a lot of contacts within the new government as all power plant projects involve input from many different government departments. Unfortunately there are many nations jockeying for influence with the new government in South Africa. This puts Jack in great danger.