Pam is a C.I.A agent who falls in love with a man (Brandon) she met while on a mission to bring down one of the most powerful drug cartels in Mexico. They begin a love affair even though they hardly get to see each other due to the nature of her job. She is pulled out of Cancun and asked to go on another mission in Honduras where the two lovers reunite. She finds out that her target is no other person than the man she has come to love with all her heart. She is heartbroken and becomes a shadow of herself afterwards. She fails to accomplish her mission, however, Brandon is brought in by another agent.

She becomes even worse than she initially was. She is broken and begins to wonder if any of it was true or if Brandon had staged meeting her because he knew she was C.I.A. She lives her life with her hurt day in, day out until she becomes a total robot, doing everything mechanically and without any emotions.

Two years down the line, she is contacted by a British M.I6 Agent, Samantha. Sam begins to ask questions about Brandon and says she has been looking for him for the past two years. Pam then discovers that Brandon is actually an M.I6 agent within the drug cartel. He managed to work himself so deeply into the cartel before he had disappeared. She feels a little relieved to find out that her love is not exactly the villain she thought him to be. Pam tells Sam that Brandon was taken in by the C.I.A because he was thought to be involved with the cartel and that they had to tell her superiors about Brandon.

Sam then drops the bombshell that some of the top agents at the C.I.A took in Brandon because he was in their way. Together, with the help of Pam’s old crush, they find some documents where it is explained that some top officials had struck a deal with the drug cartel he infiltrated and that they provided intelligence information to the C.I.A and in return, they had immunity to peddle drugs in the United States.

Sam eventually gets arrested when she takes the proof to her boss. It turns out he was a part of it all along. They are only able to get both Sam and Brandon out by blackmail. The lovers are reunited and they pick up where they left off. Brandon and Pam disappear for a while and for fear of a cover up, they then ‘leak’ the list to the world through whistle blower news article.