Jack Malaney has spent a lifetime dodging bullets, stepping out of the way of explosions, and mixing with the most dangerous men and women on the face of the planet. He has always lived his life by accepting that the past is done and the future is in the hands of others. As a formidable player in the world of international espionage he has spent his career being a loyal soldier to his country and a formidable defender against his country’s enemies. Jack’s life of certain danger is turned upside-down when he learns that he has a daughter, Hannah. She is the result of a tryst between Jack and a Soviet agent. Brought up in Russia as a redoubtable agent in her own right, Hannah is a force to be reckoned with.

Having learned of her existence Jack sets out on a quest to ¬find his daughter. He reaches out to his large network of contacts in an e ort to ¬find her and Boris, A former KGB agent makes contact with Jack. The help that Boris offers comes at a price. Boris wants Jack to help him destroy a sinister network, uncovered by Jack the year before, that has in¬filtrated governments across the globe. As Jack suspects that some elements within British Intelligence may be behind Hannah’s abduction, Jack feels that he has no other choice but to exceed to the offer made by Boris — it is the only way that he can keep the true nature of his quest from his superiors.

A game of cat and mouse across Europe ends in the Scottish Highlands. It is not the showdown that Jack had been expecting, or indeed dreading, but it is a showdown that will turn his life, and the lives of everyone who he loves or cares about up-side down.